What you will learn with this Book

Our philosophy can be summarized in a single, powerful sentence:
we can beat child predators if we learn their tricks and tactics.

Forget “beware of strangers” and the other fear-based strategies that have failed us the last fifty years. Forget meaningless statistics and shock value stories that serve only to turn our stomachs. Forget complicated psychological analysis only doctors can understand. The truth is something far simpler: if we learn the methods of predators, we can effectively protect children from ninety nine percent of these criminals.

Let’s take back from our children the responsibility of recognizing sex offender behavior and begin a new age of child protection.

What our customers said

I would highly recommend the published works of Don Howell and Chris Iverson. They have written an empowering textbook for parents about the pervasive sexual abuse of children. I found the stories presented an astonishing amount of information on how abuse happens, interventions, and recommendations that were all brought together in this book. It is a must-read for every parent and family member to mentor children so they can learn how to tell the difference between a friendly touch and an abuser’s test. The book shows parents what they need to know about sexual predators and what to do about that information to make their kids safe. It is a book that exposes the offenders by showing the reader how to spot even the subtle signs of abuse—before it’s too late.

—John Duncan

About The Authors

Detective Don Howell

An expert on two fronts.

A founder and twenty-year advisory board member for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (formerly the Adam Walsh Center), Don has been a tireless advocate of children. As a former special liaison between the NCMEC and local police and FBI, Don’s insights into the mind of the child predator have been instrumental in the arrests of hundreds of sex offenders. He has lectured on the ways of child predators before colleges, parent groups, and police academies. Some of the organizations for which Don’s lectured are USC's Delinquency Control Institute, the California Sexual Assault Investigators Association, the South Carolina Victims Conference, and LJS International Training & Consulting Services.

Don’s expertise comes from a nearly unmatched career in child crime investigations. While most all detectives leave sex crimes in three years or less, Don has dedicated twenty-eight years to the study and pursuit of sex offenders. For years he has seen firsthand the failings of the Stranger Danger school of protecting children. With an eye towards empowering parents with updated ideas, Don has developed groundbreaking new techniques for keeping children safe. Decorated for his achievements on the street, he has seen every trick in the sex offender’s book. He has also authored two books on sexually motivated crimes designed for law enforcement and published by LawTech Publishing.

Chris Iverson

is a writer and private Investigator whose PI firm has located hundreds of missing people over the past twenty years. Most importantly, he is the father of two young daughters, his personal inspirations for leaving a safer world for all children.