Protect Your Children From Child Molesters

by Detective Don Howel and Chris Iverson

This book is intended to be a game changer on how America addresses the victimization of children.  For decades we have heard, I never told anyone I was being touched, when we should have been hearing, No one ever asked if I was being touched.

This may sound like a simple shift in perspective, but it’s so much more.  Think of the molested child or adult who has been telling themselves for decades, I never told anyone.  The very statement implies that the child/adult is somehow at fault for not telling.  When we grow up, we tend to forget how we perceived the world as children.  As adults with fully developed brains and the gift of hindsight, we look back, see what happened, and say, I should have told someone or I should have done something different or I should have stopped it somehow.  What people forget is that during the time of the molestation, they had the brain power of a child and therefore didn’t have the ability to think their way out of the situation.

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